Television 'linked to violence'

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VIEWERS believe there is a link between real life and television violence, according to a survey published today. Fifty-eight per cent believe the 9pm watershed for adult viewing is too early.

The TV Times magazine survey found 59 per cent felt there were links between television and real-life violence. Eighty-five per cent said the television companies were not careful enough in monitoring screen violence.

However, only 15 per cent of viewers under 18 felt there was too much violence on screen and 84 per cent said they found violent films acceptable. There was also a difference between male and female views, with 38 per cent of men believing there was too much violence compared to 63 per cent of women.

A spokesman for the BBC said: 'We will continue to take great care over the portrayal of violence and keep the guidelines that inform our policy to this area under review.'

Stuart Prebble, ITV's controller of network factual programmes, said: 'Producers and schedulers are very much aware of this issue and we believe we have got the balance about right.'