The Bishopsgate Bomb: Countdown to 'heinous attack on innocents'

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9.20 - 10.05: Coded warnings received by a number of organisations. Police trying to clear area spot tipper truck in Bishopsgate.

10.10: Some office workers told not to leave their buildings because blast is imminent.

10.27: Huge explosion rocks the City. A column of smoke is seen over St Paul's as blast is heard several miles away. Emergency services start looking for injured who are ferried to St Bartholomew's Hospital.

10.30: Hospital put on Red Alert as surgeons are called in.

11.00: Thirty people are taken to hospital, most suffering shock and cuts.

14.30: Det Supt John White, of City police, says bomb was 'a heinous attack on innocent people'. Some buildings are reported to be in a dangerous condition.

15.00: Bart's says only two people expected to be detained. Large parts of City remain closed. Before 16.00 police find the body of a man in Bishopgate.