The Liberal Democrat Conference: Quotes of the day

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'Contrary to press speculation, this is not a woolly-hat-and-sandals amendment, but a hard-nosed attempt to release police resources at a time of severe restraint. Be brave. Have confidence' - Melvin Caton, representative from Saffron Walden, supporting the motion to decriminalise cannabis.

'Liberalism is not defined by a list of policies. Liberalism is an attitude of mind' - Sir Russell Johnston, MP for Inverness, Nairn and Lochaber and the party's 'elder statesman'.

'I have very little time today. I intend to analyse the nation's problems and potential as I see them' - Malcolm Bruce, Treasury spokesman.

'I detect already a glazed look about you, after one hour of this debate. We are suffering from mental indigestion' - Jake Jacobs, representative for Bexhill & Battle.

'One of the strange paradoxes of our party is that direct hostility to the Labour Party correlates strongly with a desire to support their most clapped-out social and economic policies' - commentary in the Reformer, the Lib Dems' policy journal.