Winter Wonderland: Watch moment 200ft-high carriages on Sky Ride smash into each other

Empty swings were blown into other carriages by strong winds

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This is the "scariest" moment carriages on a 198ft-high amusement ride in Cardiff with people on board smashed into each other.

The suspended swings were dangerously knocking together on Friday at the Winter Wonderland amusement fair in Cardiff, Wales.

The whole ride featuring passengers with their legs dangling over the high drop, while the metal structure extends up and spins them around, was captured on camera by shocked spectators standing on firm ground.

Bystanders mentioned on video that the carriages being blown about were empty while the others carried two people each and were held up by four cables.

The clip was posted on Facebook by Leanne Williams, who was on the ride at the time, who said: "Just a warning to any one who goes to Winter Wonderland (Cardiff) be aware of this ride."

No injuries were reported from the passengers.

The ride was soon stopped after the incident and it is reported that the passengers were left hanging in the cold for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Sayers Amusements, which operates the ride, said there was no fault before it had shut down automatically, according to WalesOnline.

A spokesperson for the company said: "The gust of wind blew the empty gondola, and they did connect, but there was no damage, and importantly, no one was injured.

"Measures have been introduced to prevent this from happening again. In fact those using the ride at the time remained on site after the incident and some went skating."