The Tories in Bournemouth: Quotes of the day

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'What the IRA exists for is to get Northern Ireland out of the UK. The IRA is the creature of the Government of the UK' - Enoch Powell, former Ulster Unionist MP.

'The opt-outs, compromises and gestures such as the veto of Mr Dehaene (as EC president) are mere alchemy, illusions as effective as the philosopher's stone. Fools' gold indeed]' - Bill Cash MP.

'The last real Liberal leader, Jo Grimond, said he was going to lead his troops towards the sound of gunfire. Now, I fear, they amble along towards a different kind of smoke' - William Waldegrave on the Liberal Democrat vote to decriminalise the use of cannabis.

'Frail? Believe me, there is nothing frail about her. If you get within handbagging distance you will know all about that' - one of Baroness Thatcher's aides.

'We must not be afraid to act upon what we hear; particularly what we hear from our supporters' - Jeremy Hanley, party chairman.

Business today

Today the conference will debate employment, health, trade and industry, defence, social security, heritage and the media.