The Tories in Bournemouth: Your cut-out-and-keep guide to 50 promises made at conference

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REPRESENTATIVES yesterday left Bournemouth clutching sets of coloured key cards to help them on the doorstep when they are asked to demonstrate the party's achievements and show it still has momentum after 15 years in Government.

It has been a week of pledges and promises. Party managers ensured that all ministers provided a list of five achievements and five promises of future action.

Some were statements of broad direction rather than detailed promises. But others were more specific. As a service to readers, we have collated those promises of action - perhaps to be kept and used as a checklist this time next year to discover just how many of the promises have been kept.


Tenancy reforms.

Work for Common Agriculture

Policy reforms.

Fair rights for British fishermen.

Protect villages and rural life.

The Economy:

Tax cuts once borrowing is controlled.


Expand nursery education.

Stability in the education system.

Emphasis on the use of English language.

Improve higher education.


The Jobseeker's Allowance will replace Unemployment Benefit.

Jobs will follow low inflation.

70,000 young people on apprenticeship schemes.


Creation of a new environment agency.

Recycling initiative.

Comprehensive plan to protect

nature and habitats.

Further improvement in quality of water.

Foreign Affairs:

An open, enlarged and flexible European Union.

Strengthen key role in the UN and the Commonwealth.

Build a peaceful future in Northern Ireland.


Extension of GP fundholding.

League tables of NHS Trusts' performance.

Axe regional health authorities.

Tighten care in the community.

Law and Order:

Green paper on ID cards.

New national DNA database by next spring.

Reform the right to silence.

Secure training centres for persistent 12- to 14-year-old offenders.

Tough new standards for community sentences.

Privileges in prison must be earned.

Local Government:

More efficient services.

National Heritage:

Imaginative projects for Millenium Fund.

More cable, satellite, digital choice for viewers and listeners.

Northern Ireland:

Maintain a vigorous security policy.

Require a clear commitment from IRA on ending violence for good.

Bring more jobs to Northern Ireland.

Comprehensive settlement will be vigorously pursued.

Referendum on outcome of talks.

Social Security:

New back-to-work bonus for jobless.

Legislation on pensions equality and choice.

Incapacity Act to help those too ill to work.

Trade and Industry:

Partnership with industry to boost competitiveness.

Continuing export drive.

A deregulated, free trading, competitive Europe.

One-stop shops for small businesses.

New legislation to cut red tape.


Photolicences available for all drivers by the end of 1996.

Maximise national benefits of the Channel tunnel.

Attack transport causes of pollution.

Target vehicle tax evasion.

Liberalise regional airports.