Christmas Quiz: Our fiendish festive brainteaser

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Television & Radio

1. Who was Janet Webb in the habit of upstaging?

2. Globelink News was the TV company in which series?

3. Turville in Buckinghamshire was used as the location for which sitcom?

4. Chris Aldridge, Vaughan Savidge and Fenella Fudge are among those who do what?

5. Weather, Mother, Drinking, Baseball and Coffee were the first five. There have been more than 80 since. What are they?


1. Only one animal's name has ever appeared in the title of a Booker Prize-winning novel but it has happened twice. Name the books and their authors.

2. In which city would you find the Yacoubian Building?

3. In Tobias Wolff's Old School, the pupils are at odds over the visit of which controversial literary figure?

4. In which novel is Adam Lang an ex-British prime minister?

5. Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Ryszard Kapuscinski. What's the connection?

Hearth & home

1. John Prescott was photographed playing croquet on the lawn of which house?

2. Which US president advised that if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?

3. Which Beatle grew up in a house installed with (disused) servants' bells?

4. Alan Ayckbourn's The Norman Conquests comprises three plays set in different parts of the same property. What are the settings?

5. Falling water was a house designed by which architect?

Food & drink

1. In 1985 a book celebrating 75 years of the Oxo cube was given what title?

2. What type of bean shares its name with a woodwind instrument invented in the late 16th century and later superseded by the tin whistle?

3. What has been manufactured at Fresnoy-le-Grand in northern France ever since it was invented in 1925?

4. According to Greek legend what kind of fruit did Paris award to Aphrodite in exchange for Helen of Troy?

5. Harry Craddock contributed the recipes to which book?


1. Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It was the title of which Hollywood legend's autobiography?

2. In 1989 which former child star was appointed US ambassador to Czechoslovakia?

3. Who made his film debut as Lord Adrian in the 1982 Oxford-based Privilege, his name appearing in the cast list as a diminutive that would later be abandoned?

4. Which Redruth-born actress gave an award-winning performance in a 2008 film speaking almost entirely in French?

5. No British film made it on to Cahiers du Cinema's recent list of the best 100 films of all time, but a British-born director was responsible for the film that was No2 on the list. Name the director and the film.


1. Which symphony includes a part for a wind machine?

2. Which legendary band's most recent album – 2006's Endless Wire – appeared 41 years after their first?

3. In 1955 who was paid $35,000 a week to perform a one-man show at the Desert Inn, Las Vegas?

4. Whose backing band was The Revolution?

5. In September 1970 which band became the first to headline at the Glastonbury Festival?


1. In September 2007 which England bowler was hit for six sixes in an over by India's Yuvraj Singh?

2. Arsenal three times, Liverpool twice, Manchester United once. No other teams. What?

3. In 1987 David Kirk captained the first team to win what?

4. Which country has the most Wimbledon men's singles titles to its name?

5. Abu Dhabi in 2009, South Korea in 2010, India in 2011. What?

Dreaming of...

1. Who was the subject of a film called The Battersea Bardot?

2. What did Jock Broughton (and others) get up to?

3. Who, fictionally speaking, is Anne Catherick?

4. How are both Lisbon and Tel Aviv alternatively known?

5. What did James Hoban design?