Cold war nuclear bunker for sale on eBay

Bids for an underground nuclear shelter in the Peak District, put up for sale on eBay with a starting price of £500, have soared to £18,000.

The bunker was built in 1959 and operated by the Royal Observer Corps as a post from which nuclear fall out could be monitored.

According to the seller, the bunker was fully operational until 1991 and is "set in a stunning location with glorious views".

The vendor added: "A rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Cold War history. Your own nuclear bunker within a plot of land and much original equipment.

"The bunker is in an elevated position with panoramic views over the Derbyshire Dales."

The seller said that the bunker was designated as a "master post". It is 15ft underground and is reached via a metal hatch and shaft. It has two rooms, a chemical toilet and monitoring room, and two ventilation shafts.

It has a phone line and the vendor is also throwing in a desk, chair, siren box, enamel bucket, copper earthing straps along the top two walls and jerry cans.

The auction ends on March 7.