Euan Blair's car collides with cyclist, 64

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Euan, 21, was driving a silver Ford Ka when he was involved in a collision with the 64-year-old cyclist at a junction on the A46 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire at 7.30am on Monday. The man was taken by ambulance to Cheltenham General Hospital but police said he had not suffered serious injuries.

A spokeswoman for Euan's mother, Cherie Blair, said: "We understand that there was a minor incident and are glad that the gentleman involved was not seriously hurt."

Villagers in Shurdington were surprised to hear the Prime Minister's son was involved.

Alan Cheater, 50, who runs Greenway Nurseries in Shurdington with his brother Tim, said: "I saw something lying there but I couldn't make out what it was until I saw the bike and realised it was a man. I thought there was something going on because the cars were driving awkwardly at the top of the road."

A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire Police, Katy Roberts, said: "At 7.30am on Monday 18 July, a collision occurred between a car and a bike on the A46 at the junction of Badgeworth Lane and Shurdington Road.

"The cyclist, who was 64, was taken to hospital by ambulance. The 21-year-old male driver of the car, a silver Ford Ka, was not injured. The incident was dealt with in line with normal procedures and no further police action will be taken."

Later that day, Euan attended a graduation ceremony at Bristol University where he received a degree in ancient history as his parents watched.

After graduating, the Prime Minister's son is expected to work in Washington DC as an intern for a Republican politician.

Euan made headlines in July 2000 when he was picked up by police after being found drunk in Leicester Square. The student, who had been celebrating the end of his GCSEs, was given a police reprimand.