From Brighton to a lighthouse in Maine, the Christmas decorations that lit up our lives


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If you're yet to dig out the decade-old string of fairy lights that are coiled around a clutch of gaudy baubles and haven't got round to stringing up the sparkly icicles along the guttering, why not take inspiration from this illuminating lot?

From the spoof (alas) video of Brighton's Christmas lights that has gone viral – think rude words and naughty scenes picked out in festive bulbs, which can be seen here: – to the droll neighbours who've piggybacked on next-door's decorations with a brief, if witty, light show of their own, one rule for 2012 displays is go funny, or go home and stay there, at least until 12th Night.

Or you can go large, like the residents of Trinity Close in Burnham-on-Sea, who have almost 100,000 bulbs burning. And it's not just civilians getting in on the act: this German army vehicle has been doing its rounds in Afghanistan. A note to the lighthouse keeper at Spring Point Ledge Light in Maine: you might want to up the wattage next year.