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MBE, Irwin to Zimmerman
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Irwin, James, For serv Allied Distillers Company and to the commty in Dumbarton. James, David Leighton, For serv Business and to the commty in Ynysybwl, Rhondda Cynon Taff. James, Ralph, For serv the commty in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Jamison, Mrs Annie Mary Beatrice, For charitable serv Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Janes, Mrs Christine, For serv Lawn Tennis. Jennings, Loretta, Hon Legal Adviser, Association of London Govt. For serv Local Govt. Johnson, Allan Derek, Lately Grade C1, MOD. Johnson, Frederick, Customer Liaison mgr, BHW Components. For serv the Aerospace ind. Johnson, Mrs Jean Hutchison, For serv the commty in Maidenhd, Berkshire. Joicey, Lady, For serv the commty, especly equestrian sport, in Northumberland. Jones, Basil Joseph, Driving Instructor, Brit School of Motoring. For serv to Mobility for Disabled People, in Surrey. Whitworth-Jones, Mrs Camilla, Arts mgr, Paul Hamlyn Foundation. For serv the Arts. Jones, Mrs Dyfanwen, Macmillan Nurse. For serv Nursing and Cancer Care in Powys. Jones, Mrs Enid, Governor, Wigan and Leigh College. For serv Further Educ and to the commty. Jones, Iorwerth Watkin, For serv the ind Railway Museum, Penrhyn Castle, Gwynedd. Jones, John Gareth, Dir, Wessex Water Services. For serv the Water ind and to Environmental Quality. Jones, John Ivor, Paramedic, Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust. For serv Health Care. Jordan, Patrick, For serv Young People. Judge, Michael, Lately Crew Member, Whitstable Inshore Lifeboat, RNLI. For serv to Marine Safety in Kent. Kalirai, Ajit Singh, For serv Athletics. Kearsley, Mrs Joan, For serv the commty in Coverack, Helston, Cornwall. Keen, Mrs Jacqueline Rosemary, For serv the Police commty Partnership Group in Haslemere, Surrey. Kellaway, Mrs Jenny Joan, Governor, Poole High School, Dorset. For serv Educ. Kelly, Mrs Jean, For serv commty Relations. Kelly, Mrs Marjorie Noreen, For serv the commty in Wombourne, Staffordshire. Kendall, Peter Wentworth, For serv the R Brit Legion in Penzance, Cornwall. Kenward, Christopher Edmund, Grade C2, Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, MOD. Keylock, John George, Founder Member, Somerset Wildlife Trust. For serv Nature Conservation. Kholwadia, Salim Ismail, Adminstrative Support, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Kilpatrick, Mrs Lorna, Lately Sen Welfare Offr, Dept for Internat Development. King, Miss Mary Winifred, For serv the commty in Bath, Somerset. King, Ms Rani, Information Offr, Dept for Educ and Employment. Kirkpatrick, Mrs Wendy Patricia, For serv the commty, especly Young People, in Carlisle, Cumbria. Knox, Mrs Phyllis, Matron, Abbeyfield Residential Home, Ballachulish, Inverness-shire. For serv the commty. Laird, Mrs Davina, Lately Domestic Cleaner, Western Gen Hospital, Edinburgh. For serv Health Care. Lambert, Miss Joyce, Home Carer. For serv Elderly People in Greenwich, London. Lancaster, Mrs Renee, For serv the commty in Baildon Green, West Yorkshire. Lane, Nicholas Edward, Administrative Offr, Benefits Agency, Dept of Social Security. Latimer, Mrs Gladys Hariett, For publ serv. Launchbury, Mrs Suzanne Elizabeth, Mid-day Supervisor, Brooke Special School, Rugby, Warwickshire. For serv Children with Special Educal Needs. Leach, Mrs Iola, For serv the commty in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Lee, Alan, Crematorium mgr, Corporation of the City of London. For serv the commty in East London. Lee, Miss Angela Joyce, Dir, Bicycle Helmet Initiative. For serv Road Safety. Lee, Brian Charles, Assistant Printing and Stationery mgr. For serv the Corporation of the City of London. Lee, Mrs Carol Alice, For serv the Learning Disability Advisory Group. Lee, Mrs Selina Yuet Kwan, For serv the Chinese commty. Lees, Mrs Rosalie Judith, For serv Blind Students in Africa. Leigh, Raymond Hugh, For serv Furniture Design. Lennard, William Reginald Albert, For serv the Finsbury Rifles Old Comrades Association. Lewenstein, Mrs Eileen Edith, Ceramist. For serv art. Lewis, Mrs Helen, Choreographer and teach. For serv contemp dance. Lock, Stuart Harvey, Lately Grade C1, Ship Support Agency, MOD. Long, Alan Frederick, Goods Vehicle Testing Station mgr, Vehicle Inspate, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Longstaff, John Douglas, Higher exec Offr, DSS. Lowndes, Peter Renshaw, Gen Dental Practitioner, Birmingham. For serv the Dental Profession. Lusty, Ronald Richard, For serv the Sea Cadet Corps in Ealing, London. Mabley, Miss Elizabeth Anne, commty Development Group Leader, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Ccl. For serv commty Development. MacArthur, Miss Ellen Patricia, For serv Sailing. MacDonald, James Grant, Dir of Lifelong Learning, Univ of Glasgow. For serv Adult Educ. MacDonald, John MacAulay, For serv Crofting and to the commty in North Uist, Western Scotland. MacDonald, Miss Margaret, For serv the commty in the Kyle of Sutherland. MacGregor, Mrs Janet, For serv the commty in Killin, Perthshire. MacInnes, Duncan, For serv the commty in Motherwell, Lanarkshire. MacInnes, Duncan, JP, Fisherman. For serv the Scottish Fishing ind. MacKay, George Richard, Potato breeder, Scottish Crop Research Inst. For serv plant breeding. MacKay, James Ross, For serv conservation to the Bennachie Mountain Range, Aberdeenshire. MacKenzie, Mrs Irene Mary, For serv the WRVS in Edinburgh. MacLeod, Ian Kenneth, Dental Technician. For serv Dental Care. Maddison, Miss Theodosia Margaret, For serv the commty in Partney, Lincolnshire. Maguire, Brian Lynn, For serv the Police. Manners, Denis William, For serv the commty through Morris Dancing in Oxfshire. Stacy-Marks, The Rev John Anthony, Dir, Amelia Methodist Trust Farm. For serv Young People in South Wales. Marsh, Jonathan Robert, Lately hd, Engineering Dept, National Inst for Medical Research. For serv the Medical Research Ccl. Martin, John Edward, For serv the Peterborough Cathedral Development and Preservation Trust. Mason, Mrs Gloria Lorraine, Training Administrator, Lord Chancellor's Dept. Mathers, John Thaw, Group Scout Leader, 1st Chdle Bethesda Special Needs Group, Cheshire. For serv Scouting.

Mathers, Mrs Muriel, For serv SENSE, The National Deafblind and Rubella Association. May, Mrs Elizabeth Marion, For serv the Trade Union Movement. McAleese, Alan Connely, For publ serv. McAughtry, Miss Elizabeth, For charitable serv. McCammon, Harry, For serv Young People. McCarthy, David Arthur, For serv Canal Restoration and to the Environment in North West Eng. McCook, John Alexander, JP, For serv the commty in Nethy Bridge, Badenoch and Strathspey, Inverness-shire. McCook, Mrs Nan, Foster parent. For serv fostering. McCorkell, Norman, For serv prisoner welf. McFarland, William Charles, For serv young people. McGimpsey, Mrs Margaret, Foster parent. For serv fostering. McGregor, Mrs June Elizabeth Alexander, Principal Development Offr, Higher Still. For serv Music Educ in Scotland. McHale, John William, Bailiff mgr, Court Service, Lord Chancellor's Dept. McLeod, James Dron, Band Leader. For charitable serv. McMahon, Bernard, For serv the Bosnian Support Fund. McMillan, George, JP, For serv the commty in Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute. McMillan, Hamilton Coates, Hotel Owner. For serv Tourism in South West Scotland. McNicholls, Prince Albert, For serv commty Relations in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Agyei-Mensah, Mrs Esther, Administrative Offr, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Meredith, Christopher Henry Rowland, For charitable serv the commty in Milton Keynes. Mereweather, Peter Richard, For serv the Hotel and Catering Benevolent Association and to Tourism in London. Merricks, Philip, For serv Conservation in Agriculture. Milburn, Edward Arthur Tweedy, Engineering dir, Arriva London. For serv the Bus ind. Miller, David John, For serv the commty in Orwell, Cambshire. Milton, Trevor, Canteen mgr, HMS Ocean. For serv the Navy, Army and Air Force Insts. Moger, John Keith, For serv the NHS in Wales. Monir, Mohammed, For serv the commty in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Moody, Mrs Doris Nanette, For serv the commty, especly Disabled People, in Chadsmoor Cannock, Staffordshire. Moody, Mrs Jennifer Mary, For serv the Victims of Domestic Violence in Luton, Bedfordshire. Moore, Mrs Brenda, For charitable serv the R Marsden Hospital, London. Moore, Justin, JP, For serv the commty, especly the Greenlight Youth Project, in Tower Hamlets, London. Morgan, Miss Alison Jean, Sen mgr, Morecambe Bay Primary Care Team. For serv Health Care. Morgan, Michael John, Lately Dep Offr in Charge, HM Bd of In Rev. Morgan, Mrs Pamela Jean, commty Nursing Sister, Morlais Medical Practice. For serv the commty in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. Mortimore, Charles Thomas Reginald, For serv Sport for Young People. Mowatt, William Sinclair, Farrier and Blacksmith. For serv the Heritage of South Ronaldsay, Orkney. Muckelt, Miss Molly, For serv the commty in Ulverston, Cumbria. Murphy, Dennis, For serv the commty, especly Young People, in Lochgilphd, Argyll. Murray, Mrs Helen Gentles, JP, For serv the Justice System in Scotland. Murray, Robert, For serv the St. John Ambulance Brigade. Myers, Mrs Eunice, Teacher, High Down Infant School, Portishd, Bristol. For serv Educ. Nathan, Philip Charles, For serv the Internat Association of Lions Clubs.

Neame, Mrs Anne, For serv the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association in Kent. Needham, Mrs Barbara, For serv the Display Technology Alliance. Nellist, Brian Frederick, Hon Sen Fellow, Dept of English Language and Literature, Univ of Liverpool. For serv English Language and Literature. Newman, Joseph Anthony, For charitable serv in London. Newsholme, Miss Margaret Anne, Accident and Emergency Sister, Bradford R Infirmary. For serv Nursing. Nightingale, Mrs Diane, Leader, Postellers Youth Hostels Association Group. For serv Disadvantaged Young People. Nisbet, Mrs Alexa, For serv North East Animal Rescue, Northumberland. Niven, Mrs Jeanette Begg, For serv the Wates Foundation. Nwanoku, Miss Chi-Chi, Double bass player. For serv music.

O'Cleary, Conor, For serv Public Transport. Oldfield, Geoffrey, For serv Heritage in Nottinghamshire. Ovenstone, Mrs Ann, Dir, Internat Tortoise Association. For serv Chelonia. Packer, Mrs Pamela Ann, Pers sec, HM Bd of In Rev. Page, Catherine Anne, For serv Trampolining in North West Eng. Paget, Stephen, For serv Disabled People and to the National Lotteries Charities Board in South West Eng. Pardoe, Mrs Christine Frances Hyde, For serv the League of Friends of Hawkhurst Cottage Hospital, Kent. Parry, Mrs Deborah Lyn, For serv Energy Consumers in Yorkshire. Payne, Mrs Joan Valerie, For serv the commty in Bromley, Kent. Peacock, Mrs Barbara Valerie, Head, Ashlyns Pregnant Schoolgirl Unit, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. For serv Health and Educ. Pearson, Mrs Margaret, School and Clinic Nurse. For serv Health Care for Young People in Sandwell, West Midlands. Pendlington, Peter, Higher exec Offr, Child Benefit Agency, Dept of Social Security. Peppiatt, Mrs Joanna Jane, For charitable serv, through Turville Books, in Oxfshire. Perchard, Mrs Anne Elizabeth, For serv Jersey Cattle. Petts, Mrs Janet Sandra, For charitable serv Bassetlaw Hospital and commty Services NHS Trust, Nottinghamshire. Pilkington, Graham Robert, Northern Operations mgr, Wastewater. For serv Regeneration. Pinder, Mrs Eileen Mary, For serv the commty in Evesham, Worcestershire. Ponsford, Miss Nicola, For serv Women's Rugby Union Football. Poole, Robert William Frederick, Columnist and Author. For serv Journalism and to Rural Affairs. Porteous, James Colin, For serv the commty, especly Disabled People, in York. Porteous, John Rennie, For serv the Board of Visitors' National Advisory Ccl. Porter, Mrs Mavis Maureen, Lately Range B, HMTreas. Powell, Rhodri John, For charitable serv the commty in South Wales. Pritchard, Mrs Annie Muriel, For serv the commty in Bangor, Gwynedd.

Ramsay, Alison Gail, For serv Hockey. Ramsay, Brian Anthony, Resident mgr, Millington Court, Uckfield. For serv during Floods. Randall, Derek Charles, For charitable serv in Kent. Rankin, John Alexander, For serv Local Govt. Rapley, Mrs Christine, Pers asst to the hd of School, Lambeth College, London. For serv the Cotswold Trust. Rayner, John Norman Stickland, For serv the Wiltshire Wildlife Conservation Volunteers. Read, Mrs Margaret Eleanor, For serv the commty in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. Reddish, Timothy, For serv Disabled Sport. Reid, David, Lately hd Janitor, Banff and Buchan College. For serv Educ. Cornelius-Reid, Mrs Elizabeth Mary, For serv Health Care. Reid, Mrs Frances Louie, For serv Tourism. Rex, Derrick James, For serv the commty in Cwmbran. Rhodes, Hubert, For serv the War Pensions Committee in West Yorkshire. Rhymer, Ronald Leslie, JP, For serv the St John Ambulance Brigade in Romsey, Hampshire. Richardson, Miss Jennifer Alison, Kitchen Administrator, Whitbreads. For serv to the Brewing ind. Riddell, Mrs Catherine Mary, For serv the commty in Measham, Leicestershire. Riden, Mrs Joanne, For serv the League of Friends of Chase Farm and Cheshunt Hospitals, Hertfordshire. Ringer, Mrs Irene Hannah, JP, For serv the Administration of Justice in Norfolk. Roberts, Mrs Marilyn, For serv Local Govt and to the commty in Llanfaes and Powys. Robertson, Malcolm Ellis, Production Services mgr, South East Water. For serv the Water ind. Rodgers, Robert, For serv Game Angling. Rogan, Mrs Enid Marion Lee, For serv the commty. Roleston, Michael, For serv Health and Safety in the Shipbuilding ind. Rose, Mrs Rosemary Ann, Lately Grade E1, Defence Logistics Organisation, Ministry of Defence. Ross, Mrs Marilyn, For serv Women's Aid in Ross-shire. Rossington, Mrs Susan Joyce, Lately Training Support Unit mgr, Lincolnshire TEC. For serv Training. Rousell, Donald, Lately Grade C1, MOD. Royle, Ernest Edward, For serv the Cheddleton Flint Mill Museum and the Stoke on Trent Archaeological Society, Staffordshire. Ruffles, Michael Gilbert, Sen Probation Offr. For serv the commty Service Scheme and the Assessment and Treatment Drug Programme in Devon. Russell, Ms Judith, For serv Disabled Sport. Russon, David, JP, Teacher, Ridgewood High School, Stourbridge, West Midlands. For serv Educ. Rutter, Andrew Cummings, For serv the Harwich Society in Essex. Ryan, Mrs Elizabeth Anne, Lately Chair of Governors, Honley High School, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. For serv Educ. Ryan, Mrs Lesley, Learning Support asst, Green Hedges School, Camb. For serv Children with Special Educal Needs. Ryding, David Clement George, Quality Engineer, Marshall Aerospace. For serv the Defence and Aerospace Industries. Ryley, Miss Joyce, Chairperson, R Opera House Benevolent Fund. For serv Music.

Salmon, Alan Daniel, For serv the commty in Wisbech, Cambshire. Sampson, Mrs Catherine, Lately Cleaning Supervisor, College of West Anglia, Norfolk. For serv Further Educ. Sanders, Malcolm John, Refit Production mgr, Devonport Management Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Sanderson, John Gilbert, For serv the commty in Rowhedge and Colchester, Essex. Sangha, Sarjit, Co-ordinator, Gravesend Town Centre Initiative. For serv the commty. Saunders, Richard Charles, For serv the Babraham Inst. Saunders, Mrs Sylvia, Gen mgr, Internat Power Presses. For serv Export. Scott, Alexander, For serv Blind and Visually Impaired People in Scotland. Scott, Miss Maureen Easton, Gen Medical Practitioner, Troon. For serv Health Care.

Scriven, Alan Kenneth, Skipper, Long Mynd Adventure Camp. For serv Disadvantaged Young People. Sefton, Mrs Judith Mary, For serv the commty, especly Disabled People, in Cheshire. Sharp, Gordon, For serv Police Driver Training. Shepherd, Charles, Lately Water mgr, Grampian and Tayside, North of Scotland Water Authority. For serv the Water ind. Shufflebottom, Mrs Doreen, JP, For serv the commty, especly the Douglas Macmillan Hospice, in Blurton, Staffordshire. Simco, Terence John, For serv the Queen Victoria Seamen's Rest. Simmons, Miss Kelly, Head, National Football Development, Football Association. For serv Association Football. Skinner, Mrs Jean Veronica Ann, Sen Pers sec, Dept for Educ and Employment. Skivington, Peter, For serv Disabled People in Carmarthenshire. McFarlane-Slack, Andrew, For serv the commty, especly Housing, in Lochaber, Inverness-shire. Slater, Colin Stuart, For serv the commty in Nottingham. Sleight, John Humphry, For serv Accident Prevention in the Avon area. McCall-Smith, Mrs Elizabeth Dorothy Anne, For serv the Mental Welfare Commn for Scotland. Smith, Frank Anthony, Administrative Offr, Child Support Agency, Dept of Social Security. Smith, Miss Helen Margaret, Business Improvement mgr, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Smith, Peter, Special Constable, Lincolnshire Police. For serv the Police. Sokhal, Mohan, JP, Bus Operator/Driver, First Huddersfield Bus Company. For serv to the Bus ind and to the commty in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Somerville, Robert, Lately Factory Trade Union Convener, Rolls Royce Aero Engine Services Ltd. For serv ind Relations. Southerton, The Rev Canon Peter Clive, For charitable serv the commty in Denbighshire. Sparks, Colin William, Head, Corporate Development, National Crime Squad. For serv the Police. Spector, Mrs Renee Hannah, Chair, West Midlands Special Needs Transport Ltd. For serv Accessible Public Transport. Spicknell, William Sydney, Sub-Offr, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service. Stancer, Mrs Veronica, Member, Consumer Panel, Housing Corporation. For serv Tenants and Disadvantaged Communities. St Denys, Miss Maria, chm, Legato. For serv Children with Special Needs. Bonner-Steel, Mrs Ann, For serv the Christian Educ Movement Wales. Stephenson, Miss Jennifer, For serv the Family Holiday Association. Stephenson, Mrs Rosemary, exec dir, Patient Services, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust. For serv Nursing. Stibbles, David Cameron Morton, For serv the Duke of Edinburgh Award in Dundee. Stone, John Richard, Principal Building Surveyor, House of Commons. Strong, Mrs Shirley Kate, For serv the commty, especly Guiding and the Society for Libyan Studies in London. Sturgeon, Mrs Sigrid Gerda Lieschen Inge, Unit mgr, Lease Hill Home for Older People, Swindon, Wiltshire. For serv Elderly People. Summons, Mrs Barbara, For serv the commty in Rosemkt, West Wales. Takyar, Mrs Barbara, Governor, Addington School, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire. For serv Children with Special Educal Needs. Taplin, Mrs Eileen, For serv the Bury and District Disabled Advisory Ccl. Taylor, Jeremy, Head of Religious Educ, Oakmeeds commty College, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. For serv Educ. Taylor, John, Chair, National Framework Management Committee, Meat Training Ccl. For serv Training. Tear, Paul, For serv the Wallace Collection's Centenary Project. Theaker, John Henry, For serv Scottish Natural Heritage. Thomas, David William, For serv Disabled People in Swansea, South Wales. Thomas, Miss Gaynor Elaine, Higher exec Offr, National Assembly for Wales. Thomas, Mrs Hazel, For serv Elderly Mentally Ill People in Watford, Hertfordshire. Thomas, Mrs Margaret Elizabeth, School Crossing Patrol, Bristol City Ccl. For serv Road Safety. Thompson, David Neville, Disability Services Adviser, Warrington commty Health Care Trust. For serv People with Disabilities. Thompson, George King, For serv Housing. Thompson, Mrs Sandra, Dog Warden. For serv Animal Welfare in Caerphilly, Wales. Thomson, Mrs Jill, For serv the Cancer Research Campaign in Falkirk. Timoney, Patrick John, QPM, For serv the Police. Todd, James Johnston, For serv Veteran Athletics. Tripp, Cecil, For serv the commty, especly Flood Defence, in Somerset. Trouton, Ronnie George, For serv Road Safety. Turner, George Charles, For serv Meteorology in Berkshire. Vaughan, James William, Sen Teacher, Toynbee School, Eastleigh, Hampshire. For serv Educ and to the commty. Vizard, Mrs Patricia, For serv Museums. Waithe, Mrs Catherine, Adviser, Ethnic Minority Issues, Univ for the West of Eng. For serv Higher Educ. Walker, Brian, Founder, Walker Filtration. For serv Internat Trade. Walker, George, For serv the North East Promenaders Against Cancer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Walker, John, Sec and Treasurer, Bootle Village Pipe Band. For serv Music in Liverpool. Walmsley, Mrs Barbara Georgina, For serv the commty in Cookham, Berkshire. Ward, Antony Leslie, chm, Suffolk Association of Local Ccls. For serv to the commty. Ward, Thomas Stark McMorran, For serv Archaeology in Lanarkshire. Warren, Mrs May, For serv Barnet Hospital, London. Warren, Richard, Chief Geologist, Amerada Hess. For serv the Oil and Gas ind. Wassell, Mrs Nell, For serv the commty in Barlanark, Glasgow. Watson, Alexander Hepburn, For serv Conservation in Bennachie, Aberdeenshire. Weatherhd, Sq Ldr Edward Philip, For serv the Highland Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. Weaver, Mrs Rita, exec Offr, Benefits Agency, Dept of Social Security. Webb, Brian John Frederick, Resident Lock and Weir Keeper, Hurley Lock, Environment Agency. For serv the Water Services ind. Webb, Sydney Edward, For serv the Brit Korean Veterans Association in Southend, Essex. Webster, Graham Thomas, Resident dir, Thales. For serv the Defence ind. Weir, Miss Ann Patricia, For serv the commty in Salford, Greater Manchester. Weir, John Glendinning, For serv Business. Welch, Alan, For serv LabAid. West, Mrs Patricia Forrest, Lately hd, Records Review, Dept of Trade and ind. Westcombe, Mrs Shaheen Choudhury, For serv commty Relations. Westwood, Mrs Shirley, Teacher, Helenswood School, Hastings, East Sussex. For serv Educ. Wheeler, Francis, For serv Public Transport Pensioners. White, Robert, Sen Technician, Northbrook College, West Sussex. For serv Further Educ. Whitehd, Mrs Karen Ann, For serv the Oil and Gas ind. Whitlam, Douglas Donald, Capacity Owner, Rolls Royce plc. For serv the Aerospace ind. Whyham, Mrs Mary Christine, Assistant ch Probation Offr, Lancashire Probation Service. For serv the Probation Service. Wild, Derek Thurston, Regional Engineering Support mgr, Yorkshire Water. For serv Flood Relief. Wilkinson, Mrs Alexa Curle, Lately Operations mgr, Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire TEC. For serv Training. Wilkinson, Mrs Averil, Sen Teacher and hd, Expressive Arts Dept, John Colet School, Wendover, Buckinghamshire. For serv Educ. Williams, Mrs Betty Patricia, Member, Gawsworth Parish Ccl, Cheshire. For serv the commty. Williams, Mrs Estelle Theodora, Nurse, Wycombe Hospital, Buckinghamshire. For serv the commty in High Wycombe. Williams, Mrs Judith Ann, Wales Dep dir Support, Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Williams, Mrs Mary, Welfare Offr, BAe Systems. For serv the Defence ind. Williams, Michael Ingouville, For serv Agriculture, Biodiversity and to the Environment in East Lothian. Williams, Miss Patricia, Headteach, Kitchener Primary School, Cardiff. For serv Educ. Wilson, William Joseph, Dir, Bob Wilson Funfairs Ltd. For charitable serv. Winter, Miss Patricia, For serv the Cats Protection League in Croydon, Surrey. Wood, Mrs Lily, Sen commty Librarian, West Cumbria. For serv Librarianship. Woodford, Lt Col Alan Adrian Edward, For serv the Brit Red Cross Society, especly Flood Relief, in Devon. Woods, Mrs Janet Denise, Sen Probation Offr, HM Young Offenders' Inst Thorn Cross. For serv the Probation and Prison serv. Woolard, Duncan James, Member, Spalding and District Access Group, Lincolnshire. For serv People with Disabilities and to the commty. Wyndham, John, For serv the R Brit Legion Youth Band in Brentwood, Essex. York, Carl Peter Francis Andrew, For serv the Tonbridge Civic Society, Kent. Young, Mrs Mary May, Pers sec, Polmont Young Offenders' Inst, Scottish exec. Young, Mrs Sheila, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Malvern, Worcestershire. Zimand, Konrad, Interpreter. For serv thes Southern Derbyshire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. Zimmerman, Arnold Walter, Tutor and Principal, Summer Schools, Educ Development Association. For serv Educ.