'Hero' pensioner to sell handbag

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The pensioner dubbed "supergran" after she foiled a planned jewellery heist in Northampton by fending off six robbers with her handbag, is to auction the bag for charity.

Retired trader Ann Timson, 71, who suffers from arthritis, was flown to the United States with her son, Andre, where she announced her intentions.

"I'm not a hero or a heroine or a supergran," she told NBC. "I just thought a kid was being hit. I think the adrenalin got going and the second thought was, how dare they do a daylight robbery? That was it."

Asked if she was going to sell the bag on eBay, she said: "[My son] is going to deal with something like that and maybe we can give the funds to charity. If anybody wants to buy it, they are more than welcome."