Live in the UK and earn £23,000? That’s rich. (No, honestly, it is)


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Readers of yesterday’s Sunday Times Rich List, might have felt poor noting that Alisher Usmanov (£13.3bn) is the UK’s wealthiest, and last year’s leader Lakshmi Mittal (£10bn) is now just fourth. Or that among pop stars, Adele (£30m), above right, is richer than Cheryl Cole (£14m).

But the newly relaunched will show you how much you have compared to the rest of the world. The company behind it, Poke London, want to question the idea “promoted” by the creators of such lists, “that Western readers are comparatively poor”.

To get into the top 1 per cent of world earners, you need a salary of £23,000 (the UK average is £26,500). In the wealth list, you need £550,000. A timely reminder of the West’s embarrassment of riches.