Minor British Institutions: The silly season

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News stories about saucily-shaped vegetables and silhouettes of religious leaders appearing on pieces of toast feature year-round, and are now much more widely circulated by the new media.

Every year, too, it's customary to find an article pointing out that many important world events have taken place in August, including the outbreak of the First World War.

But the silly season survives, because journalists like tradition, and because news does go on holiday with its makers. Join in by crossing off these as they take their annual bow:

1. Someone has been holidaying in the same resort for many years.

2. Egg fried on pavement.

3. Photograph of a brimming reservoir.

4. Shark off Cornwall; big cat near Woking.

5. Sheep learn to roll over cattle grids.

6. Famous middle-aged man has moobs.

7. Cow falls from clifftop onto caravan.

8. Topless sunbathing banned in Frinton.

9. BBC: too many repeats.

10. No one appears to be running the country.