Police officer wrecks confiscated Porsche

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A police officer entrusted to take a stolen Porsche Carerra to a compound lost control and wrecked the car.

The £60,000 vehicle is likely to be a write-off. It spun into oncoming traffic and smashed through 100ft (30m) of roadside fencing in Kent.

A 39-year-old officer had been asked to take the silver Carerra, which has a top speed of 174mph and can go from 0-60mph in five seconds, to the compound, where it was to be examined.

He is believed to have lost control of the left-hand-drive car, which had been reported stolen by its Belgian owner, as he was overtaking another car on a single carriageway.

It ended up in a field just off Patrixbourne Road, near Canterbury. The driver suffered cuts and bruises but did not need medical attention.

One police source said: "He was only slightly injured but his ego was damaged more."

Yesterday a Kent police spokesman said an investigation had been launched.

"The car was being taken to a secure compound for forensic examination when the accident happened." It is thought the officer was not a routine patrol officer.

The car was so damaged that police insurance valuers expect it to be a write-off.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the accident, which happened in good weather on Tuesday afternoon.