'Road rage' theory after man shot dead

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The shooting of a motorist is looking increasingly likely to be a road-rage murder. Detectives said yesterday they were seeking the owner of a grey BMW seen alongside Andre Aylward's car only minutes before he was killed.

The 27-year-old was just yards from his home near Streatham Common, south London, two months ago when six shots were fired, two of which hit him in the head and neck. He died at King's College Hospital two hours later.

Detectives said that Mr Aylward's distinctive vehicle was seen next to the grey BMW at nearby lights shortly before the shooting.

Scotland Yard insisted it was keeping an open mind on the shooting and could not confirm road-rage theories, though one officer acknowledged the grey BMW incident was being treated as "crucial" to the case. He said the catalyst for the killing was probably "centred on the short period leading up to his death as opposed to historic events".

Mr Aylward, a pet shop manager, had been returning from a friend's house in the early hours of 12 May when he was attacked near the family home. Six shots from a handgun were fired before his car hit a parked vehicle. Officers believe the grey BMW may have filled up at a nearby BP petrol station only minutes before the shooting.

Mr Aylward was a keen car audio devotee and his vehicle, a black, five-series BMWwith lowered suspension and darkened windows, was much admired by enthusiasts.

Detective Chief Inspector Ken Pandolfi said: "Andre's callous murder has left his family completely devastated and baffled as to why anyone would want to kill him."