Text of IRA statement

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Text of Irish Republican Army statement on disarmament:

On Thursday Aug. 8 we confirmed that the IRA leadership had agreed a scheme with the IICD to put arms completely and verifiably beyond use. Our initiative was a result of lengthy discussions with the IICD over a protracted period.

This was an unprecedented development which involved a very difficult decision by us, and problems for our organization. While mindful of these concerns, our decision was aimed at enhancing the peace process.

We recognized the very broad welcome which the IICD statement received. However the outright rejection of the IICD statement by the UUP leadership, compounded by the setting of preconditions, are totally unacceptable.

The subsequent actions of the British Government, including their failure to fulfill their commitments, is also totally unacceptable.

The conditions therefore do not exist for progressing our proposition. We are withdrawing our proposal.

The IRA leadership will continue to monitor developments. Peacekeeping is a collective effort.

Signed: P O'Neill.