The generation game: The world our children will inherit

At the start of a year of instability, the <i>IoS</i> surveyed members of the Netmums website to find out what causes them most anxiety about the world their children will inherit. Have your say at the bottom of the page
  • @emilydugan

Sharon Ford, 38, from Romford in Essex

"I'm worried that my sons [Ben, six, and Sam, three] will be tempted to join gangs. Even in my son's school there are little gangs forming already, which is frightening. Who will my boys get involved with? I want to move out of the area I'm in to protect them because I'm scared. If you look at the statistics it's terrifying; teenagers are being killed every month because of gangs."

Professor Esther Leslie, 43, from London

"I'm concerned that Iris, three, and Mordecai, one, will not receive a good enough education. To be educated is to be human because you're always exploring. But I don't have any faith in schools at the moment; they're just factories for churning people out."

Maxine Williams, 24, from Invergordon

"I worry that unemployment will continue to rise, leaving no jobs for my children [Summer, three, Elsie, two, and Mason, three months] when they grow up. A lot of my friends have been through higher education and are still unable to find decent jobs. There are a lot of people out of work here already, and I'm worried about what impact the recession will have later down the line."