The royal honeymoon secret is out – it's back to work

On Tuesday, William will return to his helicopter cockpit – so Kate's going to have to wait a couple of weeks for her holiday
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After waking together for the first time as husband and wife, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced yesterday that they were postponing their honeymoon and that the Prince would be going back to work next week like most of the rest of us.

The couple left Buckingham Palace for a weekend break at an undisclosed location in Britain, after which Prince William will return to his job as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. They are expected to leave for an overseas honeymoon in the next fortnight, the location of which, despite feverish speculation, remains secret.

After the pomp of the Palace, the Middleton family returned home. Leaving the Goring Hotel, Kate's mother Carole told the crowd: "We had a wonderful time." Arriving back at their house in Bucklebury, Berkshire, Kate's brother, James, led the way, quickly followed by Kate's mother and sister, Pippa, in a Land Rover Freelander.

Widely considered to have come perilously close to stealing the show on Friday, Pippa, smiling broadly and sporting a large pair of Armani sunglasses, was the subject of fevered, not to say over-enthusiastic speculations as to her future. These ranged from hooking up with Prince Harry to any number of musings on some sort of future in the world of fashion.

More than 24 million viewers in Britain watched BBC1 and ITV1 coverage of the wedding, broadcasters said yesterday. The BBC got the majority of viewers, with 67.3 per cent of the audience. ITV1 had a peak of 6.1 million viewers when the ceremony was under way.

While official photographs of the wedding were being released, internet shops were already seeing soaring custom in outfits similar to those worn at the wedding. One internet retailer reported that clothes by Alexander McQueen had jumped into its top 40 search terms.

Police charged five of the 55 people arrested in London during Friday's royal wedding celebrations yesterday, after Scotland Yard hailed the day as an "amazing success". The charges were for being equipped to cause criminal damage; a racially aggravated offence; possession of an offensive weapon; public order; and common assault. Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens said her 5,000 officers should be "immensely proud" of their role in the "happy and safe" event, but protest groups claimed some of the pre-emptive arrests were heavy handed.