The top ten: Signs with double meanings


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Mike Graham said, 'I refuse to go in here,' when he posted a picture of a door in New York with the sign, 'Refuse Room'. As Tom Freeman pointed out, 'That was the policy of the Bethlehem innkeeper.' Here are 10 more signs with unintended messages…

1. This door is alarmed Nominated by Keith Robinson.

2. Disabled toilet Whenever Andrew Denny sees it, he thinks, "Well, why doesn't someone fix it, then?"

3. 'Women' Sign on ladies' loo with alarming quotation marks.

4. Dogs must be carried Suggested by Michael Tidd.

5. We don't fly in our chickens. They're 100% British From Russell Smith.

6. Eggs buzz at gate Seen outside a farmhouse in Hadlow Down, East Sussex, by Tony Hall.

7. Slow Children Playing Nominated by David Artley.

8. Children: Please Drive Slowly From Citizen Sane.

9. Train drivers must not be disturbed One of Mike Graham's favourites, at London Bridge station.

10. If this lift is found to be out of order please use an alternative lift Manchester Piccadilly station. From Nick Thornsby. The second meaning being, "Get lost."

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