Trending: One man's quest to rid the streets of posh pooches' poop goes transatlantic

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Libor-fixing, central London houses left empty as investment vehicles, non-dom tax rates... there are plenty of reasons to dislike London's ultra-rich. But perhaps the one that most offends regular folk's sensibilities regards dog muck. And the non-picking-up of.

In the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, home to many of Britain's super-wealthy, you'll notice a disproportionate amount of fecal matter from dogs whose owners presumably consider themselves above handling such things.

Then, a few months ago, signs appeared on High Street Kensington, home of The Independent, asking "Tired of This?" and urging locals to report on those not clearing up after their pups.

The campaign, led by Paul Goodlad, went transatlantic this week when the venerable New Yorker magazine took an interest.

"I'm not a dog-hater – we have a springer spaniel, Inca," Goodlad told the magazine. "But we always pick up after her. You wouldn't want to change someone else's child's nappy, would you?"

He's certainly got a point. If you want to shop a dog owner – nationwide, not just in Kensington – visit