Wanted: pool (but no changing rooms)

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The International Naturist Federation take their swimming seriously, not taking kindly to jokes about breast-stroke or freestyle.

So seriously, indeed, that they are already going to great efforts to find a pool suitable for the next Naturist Olympics, in 2002.

There are eight 50-metre pools in Britain, but not all offer contestants the same degree of seclusion. After consultation the federation has decided the pool of the University of East Anglia, at Norwich, may be the best choice.

Their sports officer, Roger Johnson, said: "Obviously, we would be swimming with nothing on and we realise some people might not want to see us. We do not want to cause offence."

Organisers also want the university vice-chancellor Vincent Watts and the Lord Mayor of Norwich officially to open the competition, likely to attract 100 competitors from eight countries.

The suggestion is now one of the less immediately pressing issues in the in-tray of the Lord Mayor.