Weather in brief: Whiteout for snowdrop fans; Sledgers take a wok in the park; The battle of Brick Lane; Thieves caught leaving tracks


Chippenham Park, near Ely, in Cambridgeshire, was closed to all but one hardy busload of snowdrop enthusiasts from Lowestoft yesterday morning. With 4in of snow on the ground they looked in vain for the flowers, which normally bloom on the first weekend in February.

Sledgers take a wok in the park: Estate agents' boards and kitchen utensils came in handy on Sunday morning for revellers who were caught unprepared by the snowfall in a south London park. Andrew Neather tweeted: "Mob scene sledging on Brockwell Park's biggest hill. People sliding on sledges, estate agent signs and, in one case, a wok."

The battle of Brick Lane: Curry-house diners swapped spicy baltis for snowballs in a "massive" fight at the weekend. London's Brick Lane was like a scene from a Western on Saturday evening, according to Tom Phillips, who was eating out when the missiles began to fly. He said on Twitter: "Curry house hustlers really going for it. Actual structural damage."

Thieves caught leaving tracks: Bungling cycle thieves forgot to cover their tracks and led police officers to their front door through an incriminating path in the snow. Derbyshire-based environmental consultant Mark Shayler wrote about the foiled theft on Twitter yesterday. He said: "My mate had bikes stolen last night. So he followed the tracks in the snow. Door bust in. Bikes found. Arrests. Brilliant."