Yoko Ono to bare all (again) after 40 years

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Yoko Ono is returning to the London art scene, 40 years after she first made waves, to re-stage one of her "happenings".

Ono, 71, was an avant-garde artist before finding global exposure as the wife of John Lennon, whom she met as he attended her show at London's Indica Gallery. She is to appear at Tate Britain next week, where she is expected to recreate one of her best-known performances, Cut Piece.

It was originally staged in 1964 and involved her having clothing cut from her body until she was naked, many years before the "bed-ins" with her husband and their naked pictureon the cover of her Two Virgins album.

Her performance, which is already a sell-out, is being staged as part of the Tate's Art In The Sixties exhibition.

Ono's spokesman said: "Yoko makes each lecture an event people will remember. It would be easy for her to sit and talk about her life and art, but she is interested in something that involves the audience more and subverts the nature of an artist's lecture."