Three Britons arrested in Greece after more than 200,000 bullets found in vehicles

The three suspects are not believes to be on any terrorist or cirminal database

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Three heavily armed Britons carrying more than 200,000 bullets have been arrested in Greece.

Two suspects are Iraqi-born British in their twenties, a high-ranking security official told the Associated Press. 

The trio was arrested on Saturday night in two different operations and more than 200,000 bullets and 22 firearms were found, security officials said. 

Two men were arrested by coastguards near the port of Alexandroupolis in the north-east of Greece, 40 kilometres from the Turkish border. 

The third suspect was arrested near the Kipoi border point on the Evros river. 

The suspects are not believed to be on any terrorist or criminal database. 

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: "We are in contact with local authorities in Greece following the arrests of three British nationals, and are providing consular assistance.”

“We don’t have any evidence to connect them with Isis … we have informed Europol and Interpol,” a police official said on Sunday. The weapons were not combat rifles but could have been used for training, Reuters told the BBC