Notting Hill Carnival 2014: Three men stabbed and two police officers injured

Violence erupted at the end of the two-day London festival with police issuing a stop and search order late last night

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Three men were stabbed and two police officers injured in a spate of violence yesterday afternoon at Notting Hill Carnival.

The Metropolitan Police issued Section 60 and Section 60AA Orders, giving police the power to stop and search across the two-day Carnival late last night in response to the stabbings.

According to the Met, there were 261 arrests at the festival over the weekend.

Of these, 157 arrests were made yesterday and last night, including eight arrests after officers were called to Colville Terrace and Colville Garden just after 4pm.

Several men were injured, one sustaining a serious stab wound and eight others also received knife wounds.

The 29-year-old man remains in a stable condition in hospital.

Six men were arrested last night on suspicion of attempted murder after a man was sustained serious stabbing wounds.

A male police constable, aged 33, was assaulted and sustained head and torso injuries after attempting to prevent a suspected drug deal. A female police officer, 35, who came to his aid was also attacked.

Both have now been discharged from hospital.

Finally, an 18-year-old man was stabbed in Southam Street junction with Adair Road, however, his injuries were not life threatening and a man has been arrested.

The decision to use Section 60 and 60AA was taken by the Commanding police officer late last night and was in place from 7pm on Monday until 2am this morning.

Video: Police at Notting Hill Carnival

Section 60 permits police officers to stop and search people for offensive or dangerous weapons within a specific area. Failing to admit to a search is an offence.

Section 60AA requires the removal of any item obscuring an individual’s identity.

Scotland Yard said in a statement released last night the measure was taken "in response to incidents of violence, and intelligence received, which have taken place within a short period of time in the last few hours".