Toby Carvery apologises to glamour model after waitress shouts 'at least I don't get my t**s out on TV'

The restaurant has apologised for the 'unprofessional comments'

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Staff at a Toby Carvery have apologised following an incident last month where a waitress shouted at a glamour model: “At least I don’t get my t**s out on TV.”

Rachel Hobbs, who goes under the name Lacey Lorenzo for "adult work", was celebrating her 21st birthday with family and friends at The Crown Toby Carvery in Bromley.

Ms Hobbs claimed that the waitress - who recognised Miss Hobbs from her television work - shouted "at least I don't get my t**s out on TV" after she complained about some dirty plates.

Her 76-year-old grandmother, who was at the meal, didn't know what she did for a living and only found out during the incident.

Ms Hobbs told the News Shopper newspaper: "It was so messed up. It's so unprofessional to do that for someone. It's just my job."

Bosses at the carvery called 999 after Ms Hobbs got "very angry", but police confirmed that no action was taken during the incident on December 8.

A spokesman for the Toby Carvery said this week: "We apologise to Rachel or her family for any upset caused and for the unprofessional comments made by a member of our team.

"We have investigated the complaint fully and are dealing with the employee involved.

"Our manager apologised unreservedly to the family at the time and also waived the meal bill as a gesture of goodwill."

A spokesman for the Met Police said they were called to a disturbance at the carvery at 10.30pm on December 8, but that no action was taken.