Tory MP Steve Baker beaten by a cage fighter

The Tory MP was researching a self-defence academy in his constituency

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The Conservatives may be preparing themselves for a bit of a pummelling in the upcoming election, but one Tory MP has taken it upon himself to prepare for such an outcome literally.

Steve Baker, the MP for Wycombe since 2010, posted videos on his YouTube account showing himself attempting to wrestle a self-defence expert - and failing miserably on both occassions.

On his website, Baker said that "it seemed like a good idea to accept an invitation from Combat Academy" on his day off, hoping to learn self-defence training geared towards the public and led by chief instructor Reece Coker. Combat Academy aims to stop violence and bullying by keeping people safe, providing free training to those in real need.

Baker explained to BuzzFeed that Cooker, an experienced cage fighter, makes self-defence "edgy", thus attracting a wider pool of people, with the training giving them self-esteem and purpose. "I did meet several people who've turned their lives around, big lads who'd been bullied or not done well at school and lacked self-esteem," he said.

The first video shows Baker attempting to get Coker in a headlock but the cafe fighter puts an arm under the MP's leg and drops him on the ground before pinning his arm back. The Wycombe representative cries, "Alright, alright, I give in!"

The next video shows Coker explaining that people often get quite "grabby" in fights, and he promptly surprises Baker by holding him by the neck and spinning him onto the floor. He then sits on Baker's back while the MP flaps around wildly before admitting that once again, in a matter of mere seconds, he had been defeated.

Baker did in fact begin his career in the the Royal Air Force, although he worked as an engineer officer.

In his blog, Baker noted, "The fast approach of the General Election is purely coincidental".