Tower Bridge unveils glass floor walkways over the Thames

Video: The new walkways will give Londoners and tourists alike a new perspective from which to view the city

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Tower Bridge unveiled two new glass floor walkways in the most significant development to the Bridge Experience since it first opened to the public in 1982.

The walkways are 42 metres above the River Thames and measure 11.5 metres long and 1.8 metres wide. Each of the glass panels in the walkways weigh 500kg and the whole project cost £1m to implement.

While today marked the opening of the West walkway, the East walkway will not open until Monday 1 December.

The new walkways give Londoners and tourists a whole new angle to view London from, providing a stunning view of the bascule bridge when it opens to allow river traffic through. Londoners will be able to see the bridge rise from above.

Chris Earlie from Tower Bridge said, "You can walk around anywhere in London – London Bridge, Tower of London – and see the Bridge raise, see that awesome sight. But the one place that you can’t see that is inside the attraction itself, inside the Bridge.

"Well we've changed that. You can now stand directly above the two bascules, you can watch them raise beneath you and you can see river traffic moving below which is quite an experience."

The Tower Bridge Experience attracts around 600,000 visitors a year and the new walkways are expected to increase those figures.

Tower Bridge took eight years to build and was opened in 1894.