Tube strike latest: GoPro shows that the biggest obstacle for cyclists is the pedestrians

Video: For cyclists, the tube strike is not too much of a hassle. It just means there are a lot more people in their way...

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Cyclists are used to complaining about the lack of bike lanes, dangerous lorries and inconsiderate bus drivers, but on tube strike day there is another obstacle to worry about: the pedestrian.

And lots of them.

While many Londoners were complaining about ludicrously long bus queues or simply giving up and returning home, for many cyclists in the capital the tube strike means nothing: it did little to effect their morning commute.

London Underground workers' decision to strike from 6.30pm yesterday has been broadly greeted with resignation by most commuters in the capital, although huge queues and delays to buses have tested many this morning.

Still, it is noticeable that many have simply taken to the pavements, causing a problem for some cyclists as the pedestrian can be just as inconsiderate and unknowing as the most careless of drivers.

Watch the video above to see the morning commute for one cyclist from Stoke Newington to High Street Kensington: the journey still took just over half an hour, but the sheer number of walkers is something to behold.