UK heatwave: Britain will be hotter than the Bahamas, Mumbai and even Rio de Janeiro

Temperatures are forecast to climb to 38C in parts of the UK

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The UK is experiencing something of a heat wave with the capital expected to be hotter than Mumbai, Johannesburg and parts of the Bahamas today.

Temperatures are expected to climb to at least 35C degrees in London – the hottest day in almost a decade – as throughout the UK Britons try and enjoy the sun. Temperatures will be higher than the following places.

Kingston, Jamaica - 32C


The capital of the island country, average temperate for this time of year usually hovers around the 30 to 32 degree mark.

Sydney, Australia – 16C


This is a slight cheat: Australia is after all in its winter months and hardly likely to compete with the African heat-wave washing over our shores.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 26C


Average temperatures in the vibrant city for this time of year are actually lower than you might expect – around 25C – but would still normally beat our ‘British summers’ into the very long grass.

Mumbai, India - 31C 


Parts of western India are currently sweltering with their own, far more serious, heatwave. But further south the Bollywood capital of India is enjoy a relatively (for them) balmy 31C.

Zagreb, Croatia - 24C

(Rovinj, a popular town with tourists)

This summer’s ‘destination’ holiday location (according to various glossy magazines) sun-bathers on the islands may be disappointed.

Johannesburg, South Africa – 18C

The Johannesburg skyline

Again, a slight cheat: it is technically the country’s winter at the moment. Even so, their winter’s hardly compare to ours.

Lisbon, Portugal – 20C

A tourist uses an umbrella to protect from the sun as she goes for a walk by Cascais' beach on the outskirts of Lisbon

Also experiencing part of the African heat sweeping across Europe, we appear to have done much better out of it than our European neighbours.

Bahamas – 32C

Long Island Breezes Hotel in the Bahamas

There has never been a frost or freeze in the Bahamas (unsurprisingly given its location). The islands are currently enjoying an above average warm-spell, although for the weather out there it’s all much of a much-ness.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – 29C


Often sweltering under a humid environment, the capital city of Sri Lanka just misses out on a tropical rainforest climate. It has consistently warm weather all year round.