Video: How can Labour win the next election? John Rentoul explains

After a torrid few weeks and bad poll results, can Ed Miliband still lead the Labour party to victory in May 2015? John Rentoul gives his thoughts

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Ed Miliband came out fighting this week as he attempted to divert attention away from questions regarding his leadership and focus instead on the Labour party's mission to make the country more equal.

A poll earlier this week showed that only 13 per cent of the public believed he was ready to govern. That followed days of speculation about whether a coup would take place among the Labour ranks. The part is nervous ahead of next year's election - a victory in May had for a long time seemed inevitable given the unpopularity of the coalition government.

So, with just six months to go, can Labour still win the 2015 election?

The Independent on Sunday's chief political commentator, John Rentoul, explains that while Miliband is evidently unpopular, so too is his main opponent, David Cameron. Furthermore, in his speech this week, Miliband put the spotlight on his party's policies in an acceptance that the Labour brand offers the best of hope of victory at next May’s general election. A focus on the party's brand rather than the Mili-brand might help come May.

Rentoul further explains that there are some Conservative MPs and party members who would prefer to fight over their stance on Europe and Ukip rather than worry about an outright victory at next May's election.

Watch the video to see how Labour could still win the election next year.