Watch a lorry perform a u-turn on the M6 Toll

Video: West Midlands police have released footage of a lorry driver's audacious manoeuvring

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Police have released shocking CCTV footage of a lorry driver going to the wrong way down a slip road - and performing a u-turn on the M6 Toll in order to go the right way.

The video shows the driver entering the slip road at junction T5. However, it takes him a while to realise he's going the wrong way. The 51-year-old driver realises his mistake, pulls into the hard should and then executes a highly dangerous u-turn onto the M6 Toll.

The illegal move sees him cross into the path of three lanes of on-coming traffic.

West Midlands police said the incident occurred at 5:30pm on Thursday 23 October.

Yesterday, video emerged of a 73-year-old man driving the wrong way along the A23 in Sussex. While the lorry driver on the M6 realised his mistake rather quickly, the driver in Sussex travelled in the wrong direction for nearly eight miles.

Video courtesy of West Midlands Police.