Watch a mounted police officer tell a motorcyclist off for pulling a wheelie

Video: The driver got a stern yet measured warning from the policeman

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Mounted policemen in London's Square Mile may not have the same allure as Canada's infamous Mounties but one officer recently showed a brilliant balance of professionalism and friendly discretion.

A motorcyclist with a camera attached to his helmet filmed the moment he performed a wheelie in a 20mph speed limit zone.

He is soon stopped by a policeman on a horse who asks him to turn his engine off. The driver admits his "wheel went up a little bit" and that he was not over the speed limit by much, but the policeman is having none of it - although he doesn't come across as aggressive or rude but rather firm.

The policeman says, "I ride one of them. Don't give me any of your old flannel, all right? This is dangerous riding."

He then asks whether the motorcyclist is still recording: he is and he asks the policeman whether he should switch it off.

"No," he replies. "Leave it on, then you can tell all of your friends about the big telling off you got from the policeman on the horse. Clowning around. You nearly killed someone else as well as yourself you know."

He then explains that if an accident had occurred, a traffic officer could have seized his camera and used it as evidence and got his licence revoked.

His final words are, "Get out of the Square Mile and don't come back".

The video, posted by Aimanas Aima, simply has the caption, "Police officers were amazing! So lucky".