What was former SNP leader Alex Salmond singing at the Queen's Speech?

Video appears to show the SNP stalwart singing a song after the State opening of Parliament

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The new intake of 56 Scottish Nationalist MPs have been busy ruffling a few feathers in their first few weeks in Parliament.

Now the big man on the SNP campus, Alex Salmond, has been seen singing a few ditties just after Her Majesty officially opened Parliament following the general election.

Following the Queen’s 64th such speech of her reign (and the first all-Conservative Speech since 1996) and as members of the government and the opposition file out of the House of Lords and back across to the Commons, Alex Salmond can be seen by the doorway clearly singing a song of some sorts.

Do you know what Salmond is singing:

Whatever the tune, it clearly amuses another individual standing in front of the former SNP leader, who giggles in appreciation of Salmond's dulcet tones.

Salmond, a newly elected MP, said he wanted to be a "very large thorn" in the side of David Cameron's government, arguing that the Prime Minister was already retreating on his plan to scrap the Human Rights Act.

Salmond added that the SNP would try to amendment to the EU Referendum Bill in order to extend the franchise.