Wife 'plotted to electrocute her husband in the bath'

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A WOMAN plotted to kill her electrician husband who she had come to hate by electrocuting him in the bath, St Albans Crown Court was told yesterday.

Sonya Eyles planned to entice her husband Alan, 45, into the bath and drop a radio connected to an extension lead into the water, David Iles, for the prosecution, told the jury. She bought a sledgehammer to finish him off in case he jumped out.

Mr Iles told the jury that Mrs Eyles, 32, drew up a list of of questions which she showed to a neighbour's handyman husband on how to electrocute someone. In addition, she bought the Dairy Book of Home Management so she could study wiring. Mr Iles added: 'She even had the nerve to take money from her bank account and buy in advance her widow weeds.'

The court was told that if Alan Eyles died, she would inherit life insurance of pounds 93,000. But her neighour, Lorraine Blacker, who she had confided in, tipped off the police. As officers entered the Eyles' home in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, on 9 March last year they heard her on the phone telling Mrs Blacker: 'Tonight's the night.'

Mrs Eyles pleads not guilty to making threats to kill her husband. The trial continues.