Update: Alcohol: Parents' drink threat to children

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Nearly one million children are likely to be living with a parent whose drinking has reached harmful or risky levels, according to two reports.

The charities Alcohol Concern and ChildLine called for a national campaign similar to campaigns against drink-driving to help children whose parents have drink problems.

Both charities published reports which showed children were coping with parents who abused them physically and sexually, neglected them emotionally and failed to feed and clothe them properly. Many children had seen their mother or father unconscious, injured and bleeding, vomiting, or incontinent.

Marie, aged 14, said her alcoholic mother drank a bottle of vodka every day. "I have to tell her when to go to bed. I have to undress her. She is covered in cuts and bruises and never knows where she gets them - she falls down the stairs. "she says.

l Alcohol Concern report, pounds 7 from Waterbridge House, 32-6 Loman St London SE1. ChildLine report, pounds 5 (plus 50p p&p) from Royal Mail Building, Studd St, London N1 0QW