Victim of Spanish bull 'still in danger'

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The condition of Vicki Moore, the British animal rights activist who was tossed and gored by a bull at a Spanish "blood fiesta", was still "very grave" yesterday. But an electronic scan of her skull and spine revealed no additional injuries.

Mrs Moore, who was gored 11 times while taking pictures of a bull in the street in the village of Coria in Extremadura province, was admitted to the intensive care unit of San Pedro de Alcantara hospital in Caceres at the weekend.

Rafael Lopez Iglesias, the hospital director, said yesterday that Mrs Moore was still attached to a respirator. "We will see if she is able to breathe on her own tomorrow [today] or the day after," he said.

Hospital sources emphasised that she was not out of danger and that further complications could not be ruled out, given that gore wounds were "very unpredictable". Mr Lopez said she would probably stay in intensive care until the weekend, but a member of the team caring for Mrs Moore said she may stay there for up to 10 days before moving to a normal ward.

Tony Moore saw his wife for half-an-hour yesterday and visited her again last night. Mrs Moore, who was travelling under the assumed name of Lucile Eva Valentine Haywood, is being treated with heavy sedatives and painkillers, and Mr Moore said he could not tell if she was aware of his presence.