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"My aim is to co-ordinate the political life of Kosovo, so that we can return as soon as possible to continue life there"

Ibrahim Rugova,

leader of Kosovars

"We have reports of Kosovo people being herded under bridges so when Nato aircraft attack, these people can be displayed as civilian casualties"

John Spellar, Defence minister

"After 51 days of war, we have not had serious losses in any Yugoslav unit"

Pavle Bulatovic, Yugoslav defence minister, in a Greek newspaper interview

"Winter is around the corner and a solution that satisfies the international community must be found as soon as possible"

Kofi Annan,

UN secretary-general

"Mrs Clinton promised I would be with my family very soon"

Fetie Pronaj, an ethnic Albanian refugee, who lost her three children on the way out of Kosovo

"There are a lot of people injured and killed. Other detonations hit us and the others who were outside"

Destan Rexha from Korisa,allegedly bombed by Nato