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``One can envisage circumstances in which (Milosevic) might acquiesce without formally agreeing. We are not going to hang around in Macedonia until there's a grand signing ceremony'' Robin Cook

``First we have to install Nato troops in Kosovo to create favourable conditions for the return of refugees''

Ibrahim Rugova

Kosovar leader

``Our border is well prepared and those who try to land on our soil must know this. They have to know the hell that awaits them''

Yugoslav General

Nebojsa Pavkovic

``Why don't Nato bomb ... all of Serbia? They do not have to show mercy to the Serbians while they are killing us and our children''

Besa Bajaziti, a woman

expelled from Pristina

``I have warned since October that the bombing is not the solution ... You cannot say that you bomb Milosevic. You bomb people''

UN human rights envoy

Jiri Dienstbier

``We need intensifying political and diplomatic initiatives with the participation of Nato states, and especially Russia and Ukraine''

Greek Defence Minister

Akis Tsohatzopoulos