War In The Balkans

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"The key now is implementation. A verifiable withdrawal of Serb forces will allow us to suspend the bombing and go forward with the [peace] plan"

Bill Clinton

"It [the bombing] is not going to end until we see him [Milosevic] carrying out his undertakings. He's got to deliver"

Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary

"We were lined up against the wall and the police handed out clubs and metal bars to young Serbs to beat us. Some of the boys had to stand on cases of beer to reach the taller guys"

Kosovo refugee

"Our position is clear; Nato must immediately halt the bombing of Yugoslavia. The bombing should stop before the Security Council discusses this issue"

Zhang Qiyue, for the Chinese Foreign Ministry

"You are not going to fight your way into Kosovo. Your job now will be as peace-keepers to take the refugees home"

George Robertson to 500 British troops who will help to enforce peace in Kosovo

"The world has faced yet another attempt to establish a dictatorship of force which violates the basics of international law and the United Nations charter"

Boris Yeltsin