War in the Balkans: Briefing: Day 70

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n FoNet, Serbia's first independent news agency, announced it has been forced to shut down by wartime constraints caused by more than two months of Nato bombings.

n UNHCR said that Serb authorities have begun demanding full documentation from people fleeing Kosovo despite having seized and destroyed thousands of passports and ID cards. They said the flow of refugees into Macedonia had fallen to a trickle with fewer than 3,500 arriving in the past six days.

n Nato's Supreme Commander, General Wesley Clark, is expected to visit Romania later this week to discuss the Yugoslav conflict, Romanian Foreign Minister, Andrei Plesu, said. Romania will lose an estimated $850m (pounds 545m) this year in trade, tourism and a downturn in business caused by the war, Mr Plesu said.

n Nato said its 70-day-old air campaign had inflicted heavy damage on Yugoslavia's military machine, but said 40,000 Serb troops still showed no sign of leaving Kosovo.

n Civilian officials in Montenegro have accused the military of seeking needless conflict, while the army, which takes its orders from Belgrade, says that it is simply carrying out war-time duties.

n Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner, visited refugee camps in Macedonia, saying he was witnessing a "drama of biblical proportions". "I cannot imagine this camp in winter," he said. "We should accelerate the diplomacy ... to bring it to conclusion."