War in the Balkans: Conflict Briefing

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Over 30 refugees died at the Brace border crossing in Macedonia early yesterday morning. Mostly babies, infants, the old and frail, another seven died by sunrise

300 body bags were delivered to the Brace refugee holding area

The Pentagon is sending 24 Apache helicopters and 2,000 support troops to Albania

Various nations offered to take refugees on a temporary basis: Germany 40,000, the United States 20,000, Turkey 20,000, Norway 6,000, Canada 5,000 and Greece 5,000

Yugoslavia called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to stop Nato air strikes

Former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres said he had been asked to help mediate an end to the crisis

Six RAF Tornado GR1 bombers flew their first sorties from RAF Bruggen in Germany on Sunday night

Nato yesterday said 44,000 Albanians had been expelled from Kosovo since Sunday. The total in the past two weeks is 360,000

British Army soldiers from the 28th Battalion, the Engineers Regiment, put up tents for 2,000 Kosovar refugees in Macedonia and distributed 25,000 meals

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has offered to settle the ghost town of Varosha with refugees