War in the Balkans: Conflict Briefing: Day 14

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Nato showed an aerial spy photograph of the village of Glodane showing people herded into a field. Other images show the village on fire with an empty field where the people stood

An estimated 800 people an hour are still fleeing Kosovo

The British Army flew out 10,000 sleeping bags and more army cooks are being sent to Macedonia.

1.1 million people in Kosovo are refugees or internally displaced

22,000 refugees crossed into Albania from Kosovo yesterday making a total of 244,000 in Albania alone

11 RAF warplanes attacked a fuel storage and surface-to-air missile support site near Pristina on Monday night

UK forces in Macedonia erected 400 tents and 3.5km of fencing at Brazda camp yesterday, where 11,000 loaves, 430kg of chicken and 5,500kg of potatoes have been handed out so far

24 British forces chefs are helping the UN refugee agency to prepare food.

Allied warplanes on Monday carried out the the most extensive bombing raids since the campaign began.

Yugoslav air force headquarters and Belgrade's international airport were hit, as well as bridges, fuel depots, ammunition storage areas, army barracks and a TV tower