War in the Balkans: Quotes

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"I cannot see a future for Serbia under Milosevic. I'm not dealing with Milosevic. I believe the evidence to the War Crimes Tribunal will be pretty serious"

Tony Blair

"We believe a just solution can be reached through direct talks, predicated upon an end of the aggression, on peace, and return of Yugoslavs to their homes"

Slobodan Milosevic

"People do not smile any more. Survival is the only preoccupation"

Professor Miroslav Milicevic, Chief of Surgery at Belgrade University Hospital

"[The G8 agreement] is not a breakthrough, but a step in the right direction ... the two sides have been drawn nearer"

Igor Ivanov,

Russian Foreign Minister

"No foreign troops in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, ever"

Headline in yesterday's edition of the popular Serb newspaper `Blic'

"I am sure President Clinton and Nato will make sure the refugees are returned in a safe environment. Partition is not acceptable"

Shinasi Rama, KLA spokesman