War In The Balkans: Quotes

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"Some people obviously aren't understanding our proposals"

Boris Yeltsin, warning that Russia would withdraw from efforts to resolve the conflict if its ideas were ignored

"During this struggle, many members of police and security forces died courageously"

Slobodan Milosevic, admitting casualties

for the first time

"We have apologised to the Chinese, we've worked very closely with the Russians. But there can't be any compromise about our basic aims"

Tony Blair

"We don't know when we're going to turn the corner, but we know that we will sooner or later"

Jamie Shea, Nato's

chief spokesman

"We don't believe that at the end of the day, China will stand in the way of an agreement reached with Russia"

James Rubin, US State Department spokesman

"At the beginning of the Berlin airlift they said it couldn't work ... those who say air power can't work in Kosovo are wrong - as they were wrong then"

George Robertson