War in the Balkans: Timetable Day 17

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Friday 9 April


The Serbian news agency, Tanjug, reports Nato jets have struck an oil storage depot in Smederevo, east of Belgrade. It says at least seven missiles exploded in Kragujevac, 55 miles south of Belgrade.


Serbian forces and KLA guerrillas exchange machine-gun fire on the Yugoslav- Albanian border and two mortar shells land in Albania.


About 800 Kosovo refugees enter Macedonia, saying Serbian police stripped them of all their possessions before letting them through.


United Nations refugee agency says that 10,000 ethnic Albanian refugees who were missing have been located in Macedonia and Albania.


Tanjug says that five explosions have been heard around Pristina.


Nato says there is a Serb build-up of forces north of Kosovo and no evidence of a withdrawal.


Nato says a bomb aimed at the main telephone exchange in the centre Pristina on Tuesday struck a residential area.


Spyros Kyprianou of Cyprus meets Slobodan Milosevic, to try to get three United States soldiers released.