War In The Balkans: Timetable: Day 35

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Tuesday 27 April

5.45am: Three cluster bombs launched near agricultural school on outskirts of Pristina. Serbs report several missiles launched in western Kosovo cities of Decani and Pec.

7.05am: Air-raid alert in Pristina.

11am: Nato hits a bridge, for the fourth time, connecting Kosovo with rest of Serbia. Surdulica, a town near Bulgarian border, struck by four missiles.

4pm: Serbs say Nato has hit targets on Mount Goles, near Lipljan, southern Kosovo.

5pm: Serbian TV says at least five were killed in Surdulica attack.

6pm: President Bill Clinton authorises Pentagon to order as many as 33,000 reservists to active duty for Kosovo, defence official says.

6.15pm: Four Nato F-15 jet fighters and at least two US A-10 anti-tank planes attack targets in south-western Kosovo near the Albanian border, according to Western journalists.

6.30pm: The ninth body - that of a 26-year-old technician - is pulled out from beneath the rubble of the Serbian television building struck by Nato last week.

7pm: Three loud explosions are heard in the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica.

7.45pm: Serbian state television says 20 people, mainly women and children, have been killed by 11 missiles in Surdulica.

8pm: German defence minister Rudolf Scharping presents graphic photos of a mass killing in Kosovo carried out by Serbs. The pictures, taken in January, show two dozen ethnic Albanians, mostly men, killed in the village of Rogovo, near the Albanian border.

11.15pm: Air raid sirens sound in Belgrade. Soon after, a number of explosions are heard in the suburbs of Topcider, Senjak, Resnik and Rakovica.