War In The Balkans: Timetable: Day 42

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Tuesday 5 May

1am: Nato planes attack Vranje.

2am: The electricity supply in Novi Sad is mostly restored.

7am: Nato fires missiles at Mount Goles and Slatina airport.

7.30am: Serbian TV goes off air again.

7.30am: Nato bombs the Morina border pass in western Kosovo

9.45am: Serb shells explode in a field near the Albanian border.

11.10am: Tanjug reports Nato jets have made their first daytime strike on a factory inValjevo.

2pm: An Albanian walking with his horse is killed by a mortar shell fired from across the Kosovo border.

3pm: In the first air-to-air confrontation since early in Nato's campaign a US Air Force F-16 shot down a Yugoslav MiG-29 fighter Pentagon officials say.