War in the Balkans: Timetable: Day 46 & 47

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Saturday 8 May

10.30pm: Nato warplanes resume night time bombings raids on Yugoslavia, 24 hours after hitting China's embassy in Belgrade by mistake. The latest attacks were concentrated on targets in central Serbia and Kosovo, with no reports of raids on Belgrade. The Yugoslav official news agency, Tanjug, said the town of Uzice, 130km (80 miles) south of Belgrade, was attacked twice.

Sunday 9 May

3am: An attack is reported on an agricultural complex near Kovacica, a mostly ethnic Slovak community 15km (9 miles) north of Belgrade. Serbian television reports extensive damage.

5am: A group of high-ranking Chinese officials, led by senior Foreign Ministry official Wang Guozhang, arrive in Belgrade to investigate the embassy attack.

6am: Sirens signal the end of the air raid alert in Belgrade after the 46th consecutive night of Nato bombing.

9.52am: Kosovo refugees in Australia tell of mass killings by Serb forces, some saying that the bodies of victims had been paraded to convince others to leave.

10am: Tanjug reports that Nato have used cluster bombs to attack Yugoslav army positions in the western Kosovo town of Djakovica.

Noon: Hundreds of people protest on Belgrade's main square against the bombing of the Chinese Embassy.

3pm: Hurling rocks and wielding flaming poles, students screaming "Kill Americans" invade Peking's diplomatic quarter. The Chinese government urges restraint and promises to protect diplomats.

4pm: Russian envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin says he outlined "new circumstances" to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, who reacted very well.